Blog What is Good vs Bad Research in MR & Insights Industry?

What is Good vs Bad Research in MR & Insights Industry?

Is Quality Compromised in Agile Market Research?
Would clients be willing to pay for hastily done shoddy research that borders on being called bad research? We all know that our clients engage us to provide actionable and well researched intelligence that can be translated into decisions for their growth. Of course, clients always need the market intelligence as of yesterday. And this is driving the trend towards “AGILE RESEARCH”. But does that mean that faster turn-around has to be at the cost of quality and logic in our research process? Is it really a Catch-22 situation?

Speed Vs Quality
I’m guessing that most market researches today are aiming to conduct agile research. It has become a kind of buzz word in the MR industry, currently rivaling ‘pandemic’ and ‘curated’ as abused and overused buzzwords. Agile research does have its merits in being a curative approach that is embedded with a lot of flexibility and breaks the larger picture into smaller phases all aimed at reducing time. But does it mean it is essentially ‘good’? In too many cases, agile research cuts corners.

Traditional Vs Agile Research
Traditional research processes flows like a waterfall in sequential steps of kick off with client, research design, team set up, field work, data/information collation, analysis and report development. Agile Research, on the other hand has multiple concurrent steps with interdependence that can get convoluted and eventually compromise the quality. Despite our best intentions, agile research if mismanaged can turn into bad research.

InsightSutras Differentiated Research Process
InsightSutras can help avoid the problems associated with research process and quality in the back end of your project. We can save money; we can save time and we can hit the mark in quality. What makes us confident that we can do this? We have put together a roster of India-based highly experienced programmers, data processors, data scientists and analytics experts that work US hours. We customize the team to meet each project’s needs. We manage our overhead and costs to keep your costs to a minimum.

We can’t fix all of the issues associated with agile research. But we can handle all of the backroom functions to meet your quality needs.

– Russ Rubin


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